Colour Consultancy

By building up an extensive knowledge about colour usage and historic decoration, we can provide detailed advice to people about traditional interiors and exteriors. This advice can include designing complete colour schemes to create specific aesthetic effects for single or suites of rooms, or for an entire building, interior and exterior.

Traditional homes are an integral part of our built heritage. It is therefore pleasing to see the growing trend in Canada towards restoring heritage buildings and the subsequent resurgence of interest in the house colours of our past. Many homeowners with older houses, especially those pre-1940 are striving for authenticity in colour repainting to enhance the true architectural heritage of their homes. Colour has a fundamental effect on how we experience the world around us.  Whether in a public building or a private home colour choice and application dictates much of what we perceive as warmth and welcome or splendour and ceremony.

Paint investigation service:

Sampling paint layers on buildings and architectural details to produce a forensic history of the decoration from creation to the present day, to reveal the history of a painted surface. 

Our professional services include:

  • paint analysis,
  • colour consultancy,
  • project management,
  • repair and restoration of existing surfaces (i.e. plaster or wooden elements)
  • advising and using modern and traditional materials and techniques as appropriate,
  • policy writing for best practices and future maintenance,
  • we can provide full decorating and restoration services (interior and exterior), from our fully trained Edifice Consultancy artisans.