Bespoke | Custom

The Edifice Consultancy has built an excellent reputation as a leading designer and builder of bespoke architectural joinery and restoration works. Our uncompromising attitude to quality craftsmanship and attention to every detail has set and maintained the benchmark that our design build abilities are some of the best in Canada.

Heritage Maintenance Service

Do you have a small restoration job, and are having a hard time finding a qualified crafts-person to execute the repair or do the job? Contact us for all your home maintenance including:

  • Small brick and stone repair/restoration utilizing all lime mortar;
  • Bespoke cabinetry and built-in;
  • Custom trim;
  • Plaster wall repair;
  • Heritage Painting service;
  • Caulking and weatherizing;
  • Weather-stripping;
  • Restoration of single windows and doors;
  • Emergency repair;
  • Fire Damage;
  • Wooden storms;
  • Door replication;
  • Wood window replication;

Handcrafted Bespoke Windows and Doors

With an endless choice of architectural style designs available, we can advise on what style is the best fit for your house. From traditional Georgian proportions to Arts & Crafts designs, all our bespoke windows and doors are designed and manufactured made specifically to suit your home’s architectural style era.

Window and Door Restoration

We offer a full restoration service for select original doors, sidelights, surrounds, sash windows and casement windows as well.

Handcrafted Bespoke Storm Windows

Keeping the cold out is the utmost importance in our climate. Many original wood windows are condemned because they are not energy efficient! However, after decades of testing we know this not to be true! A wood window coupled with a proper fitting wood storm window will outperform most modern vinyl replacement windows.

Verandah, Porch and Portico Design Build

Design is the most important aspect of adding-on a porch, we have nearly 40 years of experience in the design and build of period authentic Verandahs, Porches and Porticos. From selecting the right column to the proper scale of millwork (gingerbread) and railings. Depending on condition we offer a restoration service as well to remediate rot and to sort inappropriate millwork etc.

Entry Surrounds

The front door and its surround are the first thing that greets you and visitors alike. The Edifice Consultancy prides itself on the meticulous design, proportions and symmetry of our solid timber bespoke entry surrounds. We design a surround that is in keeping with the period of your house based in classical design from the Georgian period up to modern interpretations. We provide a complete design service and in select cases complete replication and restoration of existing surrounds.

Entry Canopies

Do you have an uncovered back door that you would like to protect from the elements or simply as a whimsical architectural feature? We custom design and build a canopy that is the right fit for your home.  

We source the best wood and materials available in Canada for all our projects. We have a small team of highly trained craftspeople who create your bespoke project.

Tell us about your project. Send us an email or give us a call:

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